Career Opportunity

Scope of nursing in India

There was a time when professional nurses had very little choice of service because nursing was centered in the hospital and bedside nursing. Career opportunities are more varied now for a numbers of reasons. The list of opportunities available are given under:

1. Staff Nurse provides direct patient care to one patient or a group of patients. Assists ward management and supervision. She is directly responsible to the ward supervisor.

2. Ward sister or Nursing Supervisor, She is responsible to the nursing superintendent for the nursing care management of a ward or unit. Takes full charge of the ward. Assigns work to nursing and non-nursing personnel working in the ward. Responsible for safety and comfort of patients in the ward. Provides teaching sessions if it is a teaching hospital.

3. Department supervisor/Assistant Nursing Superintendent. She is responsible to the nursing superintendent and deputy nursing superintendent for the nursing care and management of more than one ward or unit. Example – Surgical department. Out-patient department.

4. Deputy nursing superintendent. She is responsible to the nursing superintendent and assists in the nursing administration of the hospital.

5. Nursing Superintendent She is responsible to the medical superintendent for safe and efficient management of hospital nursing services.

6. Director of Nursing She is responsible for both nursing service and nursing educations within a teaching hospital.

7. Community Health Nurse (CHN) services rendered mainly focusing Reproductive Child Health programme.

8. Teaching in nursing. The functions and responsibilities of the teacher in nursing are planning, teaching and supervising the learning experiences for the students. Positions in nursing education are clinical instructor, tutor, senior tutor, lecturer, and associate professor, Reader in nursing and Professor in nursing.

9. Industrial nurse Industrial nurses are providing first aid, care during illness, health educations about industrial hazards and prevention of accidents.

10. Military Nurse. Military Nursing service became a part of the Indian Army by which means nurses became commissioned officers who are given rank from liutenant to major general.

11. Nursing service abroad Attractive salaries and promising professional opportunities, which causes a major increase for nursing service in abroad.

12.Nursing service administrative positions. At the state level the Deputy Director of Nursing at the state health directorate. The highest administrative position on a national level is the Nursing Advisor to the Govt. of India. 13. Nursing leadership is not at all in India. there must be need of the strong leaders in India which may make the nursing level high. At this time India is suffering from the lack of good and actual leader in nursing.

Job Prospects: They can find employment in

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics and Heath Departments
  • Orphanages and old age homes
  • Military
  • Schools
  • Industrial houses and factories
  • Railways and public sector medical departments
  • Training Institutes as educators


Recognized by
Indian Nursing Council and Rajasthan Nursing Council